AI for Social Good : ) 

About AI4SG Lab

AI4SG (AI for Social Good) lab focus on designing artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for social good. We believe that AI technologies have strong potential to bring benefits to our society. To achieve this ambitious goal, we need a group of talents having interdisciplinary backgrounds to join the projects. We welcome all levels of students and researchers to join our teams. 

Research Topics: Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), Social Computing, Human-centered AI, Conversational AI, and Human-AI Collaboration

Why join our research team?

We are dedicated to fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and growth. By joining our research team, you will have the opportunity to contribute to groundbreaking projects, work alongside renowned academics, and develop your skills in a challenging and rewarding environment.

To apply, please submit the following:

* Curriculum vitae

* A cover letter detailing your motivation and commitment

* A brief summary of your understanding of our previous publications

Please send your application to with the subject line: "[Position Title] Application - [Your Full Name]". We look forward to hearing from you and discovering the unique talents you can bring to our research team!

Join this team

AI4SG Lab is seeking highly motivated and committed individuals to join our research team in the roles of PhD Students and Master Students. We pride ourselves on our innovative and impactful work, and we're looking for candidates who are not only passionate about their field but have also taken the time to familiarize themselves with our previous publications.


* Conduct research under the supervision of a faculty member or principal investigators

* Collaborate with other team members on research projects

* Present research findings at conferences and meetings

* Contribute to the writing and publication of research papers


* Bachelor's degree (for Master and PhD Students) in a related field

* Demonstrated strong motivation and high commitment to achieving personal and team goals

* Familiarity with our previous publications, showcasing a deep understanding of our work and its implications

* Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, enabling effective collaboration with team members

Current Status

This research group was founded on Sep. 1, 2022, by Prof. Yi-Chieh (EJ) Lee. Our group focuses on human-computer interaction (HCI), social computing, and human-centered AI research. The research topics include designing conversational agents, reducing social stigma, promoting mental health, and tackling misinformation. We welcome researchers and students to join our team if you share our interests. Our team has many international collaborations such as NTT, Kyoto University, UC Davis, and Cornell University.